Why invite Dr. Me to your school?
  • FREE fun-filled session for primary school children (aged 9 to 11) in line with the Health and Wellbeing curriculum (H1,5,9,10,14).

  • Teaching from a team of fully trained doctors and medical students.

  • Opportunity for children to ask questions about Medicine as a career.

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Message about COVID-19 from Dr. Me Founder, Dr. Fung:

What do other schools say?

Nishkam School

"I felt very happy because I've been having a sore throat for a few weeks and now I know what to do."

​ Southwark Cathedral School

"I found this session exciting because I loved learning about how to keep yourself safe."

"I can use all these skills in the future."

"Now I want to be a doctor!"


Riverley Primary School

"We feel the children have really benefited from the Dr. Me Project, and would welcome the team back for future sessions."